Friday, April 28, 2017

Metaphysical/Physical Qualities: Amethyst

Name: Amethyst

Also Known as: Quartz, Prasiolite

Family: Quartz

Hardness: 7


·       Element: Air

·       Month: February

·       Astrological: Sagittarius, Aquarius

·       Planet: Uranus

·       Number: 2,3,7,9

·       Chakra: Third Eye Chakra, Crown Chakra, Etheric Chakra


Amethyst bracelet is a perfect way to introduce
the healing energies of amethyst into your life!
Boosts production of hormones, treats alcoholism and other addictions, oxygenation of blood, treatment of digestive tract, skin, stomach, heart, strengthens immune system, reduces swelling, bruising, pain, arthritis, tinnitus, hearing disorders, insomnia, migraines and headaches, reduces stress and tension, stabilizes brain imbalances, stops psychic disturbances, withdrawal symptoms, and good for over all general healing

Folklore/Magical Uses: Relaxes the mind, detaches from everyday troubles and worries, high degree of peace in meditation, transforms negative energies into positive, facilitate transition between life and death, induces progressive ideas, conscious invocation of higher spiritual entities and energies, peace and clarity of thoughts, enhances intuition, reduces obsessive compulsive behavior, advanced spirituality, induces lucid dreaming, cures emotional wounds, balances heart, mind and soul, deepens the understanding of the universe, creates a sense of belonging and wholeness, helps one discover their greater purpose in life.

Notable: Amethyst derives its name from an ancient Greek word that describes the association of the stone with protecting the owner from addictions such as alcoholism.

The information given here is not meant to replace the advice of your doctor and is intended for general use. It is not meant nor intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease/condition.  Please discuss any health problem or concern you may have with your doctor and call 9-1-1 or proceed to the nearest emergency department if you believe you may be experiencing a medical emergency.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this! I particularly love Amethyst in the bedroom. I have a pretty big chunk of it that I keep by my bedside. Amethyst is such a calming and soothing stone it aids in sleep and pleasant dreams which is one of the reasons I love it so much. Many blessings to you my friend, Namaste!


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