Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy New Year

New year, new beginnings. Seems this time of year brings people a sense of urgency in some of life's matters and they want to change things for the better in one way or another.  Whether it means losing weight, letting go of a bad habit, reorganizing their homes or work spaces or even doing more of what they love it all stems from the very same place. It seems so many people are dissatisfied with the lives they are living. They seek change and this time of year gives them hope for a new and better way of that life. 

How many lists have you made over the years?
I learned long ago that I needed to change things as I became aware of them. Resolutions rarely worked for me until I realized why that was. At the beginning of the new year I would be almost forced by the season to push myself into the mold made by others and feeling forced has not worked for me at any time in my life! Perhaps I am just an obstinate fool but that is part of the person I am and I have reconciled with it. Rather than forcing it at a certain time of year I find myself reassessing daily and asking myself what is it that would make me happy today? 

My son and husband-two people I adore & am blessed to have in my life!

There is something else I know about myself, and that is this: I am blessed beyond measure. I know this deeply within myself and am grateful that I not only have this but that I am able to recognize it. There are so many people out there that are just as blessed, or are blessed more fully, and they have no idea how much they have right in front of them. They feel things will only be "right" or will be "better" if or when they attain that magical "thing".  They have lists of all the things that they want or want to change. If only they had the love of their lives by their side, if only their children were successful, if only they weighed more or less, if their teeth were whiter or their car were newer or their clothes were of the latest fashion. OH YES! then life would be perfect! The only thing they can focus on is what is "wrong" within themselves and their lives. They feel incomplete and so they are. Why? Because they have chosen to, plain and simple.

The funky little house I share with my husband, son and the "critters"

I hope as the New Year approaches you are able to fully take stock of what it is in your life you are grateful for and all the blessings you have surrounding you. I hope they are many and your wants and needs are few. I hope you have satisfaction and that if you do not you are able to change those things for the better the moment you become aware of them and not wait until "someday". I hope you have peace in your heart and joy in your life-not only in these waning hours of the Old Year but throughout the New and Beyond. 

Another blessing I am so very grateful for is my art that gives joy to its wearers and to me!

Wishing you, and those you hold dear, abundance, health, happiness, peace, light and most of all love.


  1. Love this post. I *so* relate to making changes as I became aware of them, too. I mean, to me, *every* day offers a new beginning, a fresh start ~ every *moment* does. For years I've referred to the "New Year" as the calendar flip, and still I do my best to comply with greeting of convention.

    As for blessings. Oh yeah. They are counted daily. Sometimes with an alarming frequency!

    Big, abundant blessings to you in the "new year" and every single day of your beautiful life!

  2. Beautiful. I long ago stopped making new year resolutions. I don't wait to make changes but incorporate them into my life as they arise. Each morning I wake with a grateful heart and a choice on how to live my life. Some days it doesn't go well - I can reassess and start new tomorrow.

  3. Dawn - thank you for your sharing from your heart~ we indeed are blessed with so much ~ especially the gifts of the good people surrounding us and working upstairs! I also do not make resolutions and use this time instead to ponder things I might like to accomplish in 2014. Blessings on this new day ~ and each new day! peace and love


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