Monday, August 18, 2014

Wearing All the Hats!

Being the wearer of all the hats in a business is a daunting task. While there was a time that I was able to "do it all," both efficiently and easily, that time has long since gone by! Most days I am harried and trying to do "enough" and that means that there is just not enough time to get to everything I would like to or need to do in that short 24 hour period.

The hat that I prefer!

I need a day stretcher-ya know? A device that can add around 8 hours extra to my days! Maybe a little more on some! I am sure I would find a way to fill those and then some, however, even it it were possible. My never ending list of "to do's" is always growing and always on my mind. I know many can relate to that thought!

I have come to the conclusion that while I need to be blogging and sharing great and useful information it is very time intensive for me and one of those things that is left by the wayside more often than not. So, while I will still be posting my own blogs from time to time, I believe I will be starting a new "tradition" of posting information by linking to the blogs and articles that are written by others. These writers are usually pro's and have the time and the attention to detail that is necessary to provide a great experience to my friends, readers and customers which is really what they all deserve. 

I am sure there are those that will love this idea and others that will not. I understand that and hope that the information I can share now will be enough to keep readers interested in coming back. There is so much to share on the amazing machine that the internet has become and in all honesty there are so many gems that I have not, and probably will not write, that it seems silly not to share them as I find them. I have already started this new way of blogging recently and hope you will continue to enjoy my "finds."


  1. Best wishes with this simplification effort ~ and I look forward to seeing what makes manifest!

  2. Love the honesty and humor. And the hat you prefer to wear is beautiful!

    1. Thanks Kim! :) Love that hat-a saving grace whilst in Florida the last time. :)

  3. I so totally get this!!! Time management is an art form that I can't seem to master!!!

  4. Happy to know it is not just me but at the same time sorry you are in the same boat! :) Thanks for stopping by and for the comment! :)


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