Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Spring 2014-Bringing on the color of the season

I have been playing a lot over the past few weeks. Making some items, removing old stock and remaking anything that just did not make my heart sing and planning and dreaming a little too. Along the way I have also been looking over "what's hot and what's not" for spring. Usually, I admit, I don't pay much attention to these kinds of details but I find as time goes on it is really helpful in some ways. 

For instance, it is great to know what ladies and gents will be buying to wear in the coming months so I can try to make up some matching accessories. While that is somewhat of a "duh" moment for me (I admit this a little sheepishly), I realize there will always be those that wear their favorite colors no matter what any designer out there may or may not think. I have always gone that way myself for so many of my own fashions and even with designing my jewelry. That being said, the one thing I have to say that I love about this season is the mixture of both light and dark, pastel and light. It is something I have been doing a lot of recently and so this season has apparently caught up with my style!

This necklace features a fantastic hand painted porcelain bead and is accented with multiple spring 2014 colors including: Hemlock, Comfrey, Freesia and Paloma

So, without further adieu here is a short article on those trendy new colors for the Spring 2014 season. 

Spring 2014 Color Trends

Runways are showing multiple pastels for the 2014 Spring season, including Pantone’s Hemlock a pale mint green, Placid Blue, an almost chambray blue, Purple Haze a light lavender-like tone, and Violet Tulip, a pretty light periwinkle along with multiple shades of pink. That is not to say that these are the only trendy colors hitting the runways this season. 

Also being seen are brights like Pantone’s Comfrey, a pretty teal green, Cayenne, a lovely red, Freesia, a deep yet bright,  yellow,  Radiant Orchid the over the top bolder cousin to Violet Tulip, Celosia Orange, Magenta Purple, a fresh bright purple tone and Dazzling Blue, an almost electric type of blue.

Neutrals are used to help mix the brights and pastels, to accent them and to use independently to stretch the wardrobe. These neutrals are Paloma, a light silvery gray, and Sand a lovely taupe, plus the “old favorites”, black and white.  Whether worn together, with other colors or singly they are an excellent investment because will readily transition from season to season.

There is real diversity in this season’s palette which is both exciting and favorable in many ways. The whole palette is reminiscent of a wildly blooming garden on a background of pale green and silvery leaves mixed with Caribbean islands, seas and blue skies. The diversity of the colors means that most items can be mixed and matched, not only with this season’s palette, but with those from season’s past, as well, giving everyone the opportunity to mix and match in a variety of ways.


  1. Love, love the necklace. Never though about the color trends myself. I did notice a lot of pale pastels in the catalogs of late and for the most part went yuck. I like the deep, vibrant colors much more.

    1. I actually like both depending on what it is or what it is on. :) From everything I have read the pastels will be big this season and probably next. Sorry Kim but you will be on a fashion "diet" from a lot of catalogs and stores! lol

  2. That lotus bead is outstanding and you framed and embellished it so beautifully!

    Of course … I'm fond of the GORGEOUS tree bead you made that I just happen to be wearing as I type this comment. :)

    1. As ever, you are too kind! Thank you! And your necklace was my pleasure to make. Truly. :)


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