Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Down boy! Down! (Or Girl In This Case!)

Today was not productive. Not one bit. But it was necessary and it was wonderful in other ways I did no laundry. I did no cleaning. I did no making of jewelry, nor shipping of said product to customers. I did not do any research for my next blog and I did not even plan anything. And it was good!

Instead I fed my "creatures" (let's face it 2 dogs and 3 cats will not let you forget or do otherwise) and then went to have breakfast with a friend. After that, I did a little shopping for those same creatures who had made sure that they were fed earlier, and then I came home, with every intention of doing "something" and instead I fell asleep! Oh, yes, yes I did. The running around of the past month or so finally caught up with me and I napped. I have to say that normally I would have felt guilt. I would have felt all those "should haves" crowding out my thoughts and making it impossible to think of anything but the list of what I "should have done." But today? I did not do any of that nor did I beat myself up in any other way for what I didn't do. Instead, I reveled in what I was able to do-what was right for me!

Lucy says, "You better not forget to feed me! I am the queen!"

I have finally managed to do what is necessary for, not only my sanity, but for my physical self after many years of doing exactly the opposite. My physical self called for sleep and rest and I gave it just that AND on a Tuesday, no less! Can you imagine? There was a time that I know I would not have only not imagined it but done everything in my power to make sure it did not occur until I had "accomplished something." What a blessing to be without the need to do that any longer! 
Riley is seen here having down time among the daffodils. It's a tough job being so cute! 

I took down time. Down, down, down time. Do you take that time for yourself? Even when you think you should be doing other things? Even when there is a list a mile long of "to do's"? Can you silence that inner critic who tells you that you shouldn't do this and should do that? And if not, why is that? Who is it that leads you to believe that you don't deserve to do what you need to do for you?

Believe me when I say who ever that may be-they are wrong. It may be someone in your past or present and it may even be you. Get rid of that negative voice once and for all. You will be so much better off for doing so. We tend to try to do more in less time and the result is never enough. Realize you are enough. Just the way you are and perfectly imperfect in so many ways. Embrace that, take the time you need, when you need it. You will not only be glad for it but more productive when you do so because you will not be exhausted, over-tired or setting yourself up to crash and burn in an even bigger way.


  1. I LoVe my down time. I embrace it and and let it carry me … wherever I need to go. :)

    1. That is wonderful. It is such a gift to ourselves and we so deserve it. :)

  2. No guilt here - when I need down time i NEED down time. Everyone benefits, my body and mind benefit. The world would be a better place if everyone took a down time.

    1. So true Kim! Most feel guilt for it. Maybe we should teach our kids to feel guilt if they don't!


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