Thursday, October 9, 2014

Choosing Necklaces for Necklines

Choosing what style of necklace to wear with which blouse or shirt you have in your fashionable wardrobe can be a little confusing at times. Here is a handy guide with links to my blog on necklace sizing for reference.

Boat neck tops need either long beads or long necklaces. These can be worn either with or without pendants

Collared shirts look best with choker style necklaces or those that are very close to the neck. Up to 18 inches works for most shirts, however, it will depend on the person's neck size and whether or not a pendant is being hung from the piece.

Cowl necklines are best left without a necklace, however, statement earrings are a great choice.

Crew necklines need a very close fitting necklace. A choker style is best for this style of shirt or blouse.

Off the shoulder necklines are excellent for larger statement necklaces and asymmetrical styles ranging from princess to matinee lengths.

Scoop neck tops are much like off the shoulder styles. Larger statement necklaces and layered look styles are perfect for this type of shirt or blouse and can also inslude princess to matinee lengths.

Square necklines look wonderful with geometric shapes. Square or rectangle shapes like those shown here really shine with this type of neckline.

Strapless fashions look beautiful with a choker style necklace. Especially nice are those that have more than one layer to draw the eye.

Sweetheart necklines can look stunning with most necklaces from choker to princess and sometimes matinee. Be aware that adding a pendant may mean shortening the chain or necklace used. For instance a 2 inch pendant would need a 16 inch chain, so as not to hang too low.

Turtle necks look best when paired with longer styles from matinee to opera and even rope. These can be paired, once again, with a pendant.

V-Neck styles are a neckline that can be paired with different styles depending on the cut of the V, itself. While shaped pendants are often the "rule" a higher neckline might dictate the need for a choker, princess or matinee length necklace.

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