Thursday, December 4, 2014

'Tis The Season

Fa la la la la, la la la la

DHD has been traveling to many shows, planning, plotting, filling orders, wrapping up things for the "end of the year" that is quickly approaching and doing a little more planning and plotting. 

The necklace I am planning to give away!

This week is very full with Torrington Arts Walk kicking off on Friday evening and then my "appearance" at the Whiting Mills Open Studio and Guest Artist Event in Winsted, CT. On Sunday I am part of the scavenger hunt run by my friend Anne Kelleher where you could win a free Kindle plus that necklace shown above among other things.

The old freight elevator at Whiting Mills is looking festive for the weekend event!

Since I am one of those who is arranging for and helping the guest artists for the Torrington event saying I have been busy is putting it mildly! I am really pleased to have been asked along for the ride! 
Local artists Karen Rossi and Dennis Bialek have been staying open during the Five Points Gallery openings and invited others who have studios in the area plus local restaurants and businesses to participate as well. Last month was the first time I had participated and, as is my usual MO, I jumped in with both feet to "help!" 

Our wonderful landlord gave us the option of using an un-rented storefront that he has in the same building where Karen, Dennis and I  (plus a couple others!) rent. It was so generous and because of that thoughtful generosity we are able to host about a dozen other artists for this Arts Walk. We have been cleaning and decorating and setting up displays this week and it is beginning to really come to have a life of its own.

It looks to be a wonderful evening with so much going on all over our Downtown, which has become a real home to the arts over the past years. We have the beautiful Warner Theater, The Nutmeg Conservatory, Five Points Gallery, Performance Hub Education Foundation, Karen Rossi Studios, Stepping Stones Gallery, Dawn Hill Designs and so much more to offer in our beautiful downtown. Even the local cuisine can't be beat with everything from an Irish pub, Italian restaurant, ice cream parlor and sandwich shop to an organic/local restaurant and bar in the center of it all. 

Joseph FireCrow will be one of the guest artists at Arts Walk!

 And while it has been wonderful to be in the midst of all this organized chaos I have to admit I am looking forward to next week when I have no more shows until after the holidays. A little rest and quiet time is something I am long over due for!

How about you? What is keeping you busy during this most wonderful time of the year?

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  1. I wish you and all the absolute best for the entire weekend ... and especially for the BIG EXHALE that you'll experience when you wake up on Monday. It will be well deserved.


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