Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Fashion Tips & Trends

Creating Hairstyles That Don't Overwhelm Your Earrings

waves and curls look amazing with hoop earrings and give a BOHO chic vibe: the trend that is fast becoming timeless! 

Another option is the pony tail: either sleekly pulled back or messy works.

Studs and smaller earrings can become overwhelmed by longer hairstyles so they are perfect for short hair styles or when you wear hair up or pulled back.

Wear hair in a low bun for evening wear with your chandelier earrings.

For a day time look consider a messy pony or sleek french braid.


Another option is to leave hair long with it tied back in  a low pony tail or even left loose with hair tucked behind the ears to keep in from tangling in the hair.

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