Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Fashion Hints, Tips and Tricks: BOHO style tips for 2015

Are you a boho babe? Bohemian Style Tips for 2015

Bohemian style is back in a big way for spring 2015. Touches have been seen on runways for several seasons but this year they seem to have come front and center. Fringes, flowy skirts, dresses and blouses plus mutiple florals, embroidery, patterns and colors are being seen everywhere from your local department store to designer racks.

What exactly is boho style? It really runs in several directions but whimsy, vintage, and the word "Gypsy" seem to be thrown into the mix more often than not. The reality is that it is about embracing who you are, un-apologetically and with verve! Think expressive, romantic, free, beautiful, cool, flowing, comfort and fun!


Harmonize your mix and match style
Sandals (especially gladiator styles), boots, moccasins, chunky platforms,clogs
Fabrics: Flowing, natural (silk, rayon, cotton), velvet, denim, suede, lace, transparent
Colors: soft & powdery shades are BIG plus neutrals, greens (sage/naturals)
Prints: Florals, nature, paisleys, tie dye, ethnic, kaleidoscope, tribal, mis-matched
Beaded, sequined, pom-pommed, studded, embroidered, fringed, crocheted, layers, ruffles
Scarves-especially flowing from your hair
Hats-big and floppy or small derby styles with beaded bands or scarves
Flared jeans, cut-offs, maxi skirts, mini skirts, leggings

Tunics, t's & tanks, halter styled dresses and tops
Vests, loose cardigans & ponchos
Embellished belts, feathered & beaded necklaces, earrings and head bands
Bangles in wood, leather, denim and more
Head bands, turbans, hair wraps, circlets, diadems
Hair & makeup are almost "undone" rather than over done
Big sunglasses


Copy something/someone else exactly-this is about expressing who you are
Neon anything
More than 4 shades or colors-add neutrals once you hit that "magic" number
Menswear /suit styles
Sneakers, pumps
"Just so" or perfect hairstyles

Over do the layers: This includes layers that are too long or having too many of them. Doing either or both just looks sloppy and is not bohemian. If it detracts from your face or minimizes your shape to the point that you cannot tell who is under that pile of flowing fabric you have gone too far.


  1. Great Boho tips here, Dawn!

    By the way, please email me your current email address because you won the giveaway on my blog! http://www.beadinggem.com/2015/05/winner-of-59-international-gem-society.html

    1. Thanks Pearl. :) And how exciting!


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