Monday, May 25, 2015

Metaphysical and Physical Qualities of Rose Quartz Crystal

Name: Rose Quartz

Also known as: Love Stone, Pink Quartz, Bohemian Ruby

Family: a macrocrystalline variety of the mineral Quartz

Habit: Usually massive with occasional contact crystal faces. May occur  (rarely) as small horizontally striated hexagonal prisms terminated by a combination of positive and negative rhombohedrons forming six sided pyramids

Mohs Hardness:  7


Element(s) Water, Earth

Month(s) January

Astrological: Taurus,  Libra

Planet(s): Venus

Number(s): 6

Chakra(s): 4th, Heart


Hastens recovery, strengthens heart, heals emotional wounds, heals kidneys, adrenals, spleen, thymus, heart & lungs, breast cancer, alleviates vertigo, reduces high blood pressure helps asthma, colic, sleep, releases impurities in body fluids, alleviates anxiety & depression, calming, soothing, eases problems with sexual frustration & balances the sex drive. Used to relieve fibromyalgia, headache, migraine & shingles pain

Metaphysical uses:
Love, marriage, self love, emotional pain, loss, fear, compassion, stress, confidence, resentment, anger, harmony, beauty, peace, emotional balance. Soft, gently soothing, warms heart center, eases childhood trauma & neglect, low self-esteem, fosters empathy, reconciliation & forgiveness, clears anger, jealousy & resentment
Notable: Can fade from sunlight
According legend Eros, a love God from Greek traditions,  looked down upon humans and saw the pain and loneliness caused by human anger. He too pity on the poor creatures and created rose quartz in order to ease their suffering.

Please Note: The information given here is not meant to replace the advice of your doctor and is intended for general use. It is not meant nor intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease/condition.  Please discuss any health problem or concern you may have with your doctor and call 9-1-1 or proceed to the nearest emergency department if you believe you may be experiencing a medical emergency.

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