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Metaphysical and Physical Qualities of Lapis Lazuli

Name: Lapis Lazuli

Also known as: Lazurite, Denim Lapis, Sodalite.  

Family: Sodalite and Feldspathoid groups-Lazurite, Calcite, and Pyrite

Habit: Isometric-Crystal-System, Aggregated
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Hardness: Mohs 5-5.5


Element(s): Water

Month(s): December

Astrological: Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius

Planet(s): Jupiter, Venus


Chakra(s) Throat, Crown, Third Eye
Lapis Lazuli was a favorite stone of the ancient Egyptians who believed it was a stone for only those of royal blood. In the past Lazurite has been burned and ground to form the pigment ultramarine. The name is from the Arabic [lazaward], "heaven," which was also applied to sky-blue lapis lazuli.


Health/Wellness: Aids with pregnancy and childbirth, infertility/reproductive system issues, PMS, balances pituitary gland, aids pineal gland,sinus ailments, cancer, hearing loss, ear problems, balance (vertigo), epilepsy, seizures, brain disorders/injury, ADD/ADHD, headaches/migraines, anxiety, depression, thyroid, immune system, fibromyalgia, tuberculosis, fevers, pain. Helps getting over loss, abuse, grief, insomnia, sleep apnea, speech impediments, laryngitis, sore throat, toothache, shingles, increases strength/stamina/virility
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Folklore/Magickal uses: Attracting spiritual love, strengthening psychic awareness, dream work, dream recall, facilitates truth, personal truth, enlightenment, relieves anger, negativity, confusion and frustrations, enhances love & fidelity, facilitates communication with guardian angels, opens connections to higher powers, balances the male/female yin/yang energies, spiritual growth, spiritual health, finding your voice, wisdom, karma, psychic protection, inner power, organization, manifestation, meditation, creativity, expands leadership and intellect, increases hope encouraging confidence, acceptance, self-love & courage

Notable: Lazurite is distinguished from sodalite by its deeper color and fine grain and much higher price tag. It is also softer and lighter in weight than lazulite a stone that it is not related to, contrary to popular belief. Though the deep blue lazurite stone is sought out more often, those stones with less blue in them like sodalite will still be just as effective for their metaphysical use. 

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