Friday, September 25, 2015

Pendulums- Part 1

Introduction to using a pendulum

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A pendulum is, simply put, a small non-magnetic weight on a string or chain of some kind. Throughout history pendulums have been used in many ways from locating water, precious metals and gemstones to locating infections and weak areas of the body or even for predicting the gender of a child before birth. Using pendulums in this way are referred to as dowsing, divining, water witching, divination or predicting. Today pendulums are used for the practices previously mentioned and more including but not limited to: healing, reiki, dispelling negativity, finding the answers to questions or making decisions, helping to find lost objects and pet communication.

 While many people worry that they will be unable to use a pendulum, the good news is that anyone can learn. It is really only a tool that makes it easier to access the energy that is already a part of all that makes up the universe and your own subconscious mind. We often distance ourselves from this energy and our subconscious is too far removed from the conscious to make it easy to access. A pendulum can help you to bring that energy into focus and create a link of communication with your subconscious mind.

There is no reason to fear using a pendulum. You are not accessing outside forces nor are you using, or asking anything of, paranormal entities. You are simply engaging your higher self and subconscious in order to find the answers you seek.

While a pendulum is not, in and of itself, negative or positive it can be affected by negative or positive thoughts and situations. For this reason you will likely need to cleanse it from time to time, especially if it is made from gemstones that can become "tired" or affected adversely over time.

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