Monday, October 19, 2015

FaerieCon Baltimore MD Nov 6-8, 2015

Coming up! DHD will be at FaerieCon East in Baltimore, MD for the first time!

Hazel is really excited and is packing her tiny little bags already. She can hardly wait to connect with her friends both old and new. I have a feeling I won't see her much during the event since she will be too busy fluttering about the gorgeous Wyndham® Hunt Valley Inn

I am looking forward to so many things at the event. It is so much fun to see all the fae in their not so natural habitat, there are two balls to attend, a fashion show, many amazing artists to meet (and whose work will be on display) and of course a Mythic Marketplace where all the finest wares are available. I will be attending with my best friend in tow and two of my heart sisters, as well. 

Creating is a messy business!

I am also happy to be introducing a new jewelry line. It will be unveiled at the Con and was created for author Anne Kelleher to go along with her "Through The Shadowlands Trilogy". These wonderful stories are about the Sidhe (fairy folk) and the mortal world and what happens when they clash with the goblins and their King who wishes to overtake both. 

I am very excited to be able to offersets of these books with bookplates that were designed just for these sets and are signed by the author herself. These are exclusive to me and at this point and even I only have SIX sets total! Each set sells for $40 and comes with a necklace of sterling silver and one of my handmade pendants. How amazing is that?

While supplies last-limit of 2 per family
And because I will have a booth at FaerieCon I have been given free tickets! That is right! You can choose to come totally FREE on either Friday or Sunday or use the tickets for $20 off your full weekend pass. How? Easy! Just comment below and tell me you want them! Yup! That easy. I can either leave them for you at the entrance or mail them directly to you-your choice. BUT I only have a few so get them quick because once they are gone they are gone for good.


  1. Dawn,
    I would love tickets. I would be great to see your jewelry in person.

    1. That is great Melissa! I will try to PM you for your address. :)


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