Saturday, October 31, 2015

In The News at DHD

In the news....

New Boot Bling!

Things here at Dawn Hill Designs, and life in general, are a whirlwind---as usual! I can hardly believe it is November already and Faerie Con East is practically moments away.

Fall and the Halloween "season" are busy times because it seems everyone wants a headpiece at the very last minute. No complaints, mind you, however, it does make for some interesting and late nights in the studio. On top of it I have been working with Ed Jaffe on the Artist Relocation Torrington project and their social media, the social media for Torrington Arts Walk and the all new CCC Gift Guide, just to name a few. 

Riley says: am I cute or what?
In my spare moments I am trying to keep up with my home life but am failing at that effort. My house looks like it was stirred with a spoon and the poor dogs are not getting the attention they deserve. I have brought my little friend Riley into the studio with me a few times for my own sanity as much as to give him some attention, both because he deserves it and because he is not quiet about letting me know it. 

Thank goodness I have such a great husband and he has helped me in so many ways, from picking up my slack at home and occasionally at the studio, to working when he should be retired so I can continue to do what I love. He is so amazing and believe me when I say I know what a real gem I have standing beside me.

Use these bindis again and again!
I am introducing quite a few new things at Faerie Con. The book sets from Anne Kelleher and their pendants that I spoke about in an earlier post, some new bindis that I created from lovely filigrees, gemstones and Swarovski crystals and a new line of anklets and boot chains are among those items I have completely finished. I still have several other things I would like to have ready and present but we shall see what time allows for before I announce anything else. I have a bad habit of thinking I can do far more than I actually can. Where is that day stretcher when you need it?

New shows have been added to my line up recently. Once I return from Faerie Con I will be "keeping it local" for the rest of the season. The Sons of Italy in Torrington, A Pop Up Art Market, also in Downtown Torrington and two events at Whiting Mills in Winsted, CT are all on my agenda. 

So that is what is new and exciting here at DHD. Don't forget! If you would like free tickets to Faerie Con just leave a comment below!  

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