Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Crystal Formations: What is a Self-healed Crystal?

Self-healed crystals have been broken off or damaged  at some time butn they begin to grow again after that damage occurs. It may take thousands of years for the crystal to heal but it does so quite successfully and continues to grow larger. 

The damage is caused, most often, from tectonic activity or rapid changes of temperature that cause the breakage of the crystal. 

Crystals will detach from the base or bed they are growing from and end up on the floor of the place they are growing or on a shelf or ledge. The base is left without the base touching anything since it will generally land on its side. The crystal then remains in the growing environment and the mineral rich fluids and vapors present cause it to continue growing for centuries.

Some crystals can fracture in their center. This is usually caused by pressure. They can continue growing and the fracture can become encased in the new growth or fluids can run between the fracture space and heal the crystal with the minerals the fluids carry.

These special crystals help people heal from the hurt of emotional injuries and they seem to come into a person's life at just the right moment. They are wonderful for helping us realize that while we have experienced trauma, abuse, disease or another impediment, we are able to continue developing or healing into our very best selves no matter how broken we may feel. These wonderful crystals 

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