Friday, April 8, 2016

How to wear a scarf 15 different ways...

I am getting the premiere subscription boxes for DHD ready to be shipped out in the next few days or so. April 10 is the cut-off date to order and I hope to have everything out the door for April 15th or so. 

Included in this premiere box is about $150 worth of items! I am really excited to be offering this amazing deal (Just $24.95!) and can't wait for people to open up and see all the wonderful things I was able to curate for them. 

THIS amazing scarf is one of the item's in this month's subscription box!

As a sneak peek the photos above are of a gorgeous scarf that will be just one of at least 7 items in the April premiere box! I am also including a great video in this post so you can see some really cool ways to tie scarves. There are some really pretty options and several that I had never seen before and some that I said, "Oh! THAT is how they do that one!"


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