Sunday, July 23, 2017

Recently, I was asked if I really made all the jewelry I sell....

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 Why, yes! Yes I do. See my hands? They are covered in the resin that I also created. Working on handmade items can be a messy business but it is so worth the effort!

That being said: I see so much fraud in the handmade world today. Especially with jewelry.  Cheap junk imports that people pretend to make themselves.  I would estimate that almost half the "designers" out there participate in some kind of fraud. It may be "only" one or two of their items but they are still doing it and I get pretty upset about the whole thing.

Here at DHD that will NEVER happen. No way, no how. If I did not make an item I carry I tell you straight because I treat everyone like I would want to be treated. I come from that old school of belief that you should really do what you say and be honest as the day is long. Always.

I understand I can't be the only person you ever come to for everything. Just do me a favor and check out whoever you are buying from, especially online. If you have never seen their work in progress be sceptical! Ask them where they source their materials, how long they have been creating and other questions until you feel comfortable that they are making what they say they are.

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