Saturday, July 6, 2013

Why I do what I do

Recently I was asked what it was that drives me to create jewelry. I had a really simple answer which was, "I just want to make pretty things that make people happy!"

Hazel flutters around the new necklaces displayed at Artzfest

And that truly is the real drive behind it all.  I suppose it always has been my drive; making people happy that is. I have been a "fixer" for as long as I can remember. I was the one who brought home any wounded creature she found whether animal, insect or amphibian and the little girl who tended her brother's boo boo's with gentle hands when he skinned his knee. In all honesty all I ever wanted to do was to put a big ole' bandaid on the whole world. Ah, if only it were so simple!
I admit that for a long while I tried to do that very thing. Anyone that came across my path would find that "fixer" who had an answer for what ailed them, either physical, mental or spiritual.  If I did not have the answer, I sought it out so I would be prepared "next time."  I even studied herbal medicine and was granted two different certifications just before receiving my Reiki Master Teacher degree. However, I am sure that I annoyed the heck out of a lot of people! Most do not want someone hovering and trying to help them, especially when they don't ask, let alone have a know-it-all telling them how to run their lives. I meant well, but fear I may very well have come off as a pushy control freak, know-it-all rather than the kind, giving healer I sought to be.

My mother: my greatest teacher and advocate. 
I began making many things as a child. I loved drawing, crafts and playing with colors, textures and anything that stuck them all together! My grandmother tried to teach me crochet and knitting and my dear Aunt June finished my crochet lessons. My mother told me over and over that I could "do it" and she showed me how to do so many many things from cooking to cleaning to gardening, wall papering, sewing, refinishing furniture, painting, reupholstery, laying of carpeting and so much more. I think that her showing me that we could figure out anything and do it ourselves probably influenced me more than any other thing in my life. While there have been time I have had problems with self esteem I have always known I was capable, and could do anything I set my mind to.

Over the years I have let go of a lot of things, including trying to fix every little thing. I also realized I never really cared much for sewing. I loved the finished product but had no great love for the process. I gave up on reupholstery and refinishing, as well. Instead I use spray paint by the case to refinish furnishings of all kinds. I still do a lot of my home upkeep and along with my husband I can honestly say we figure out what we need to do for everything on our home and garden to-do list. I still love to cook and just adore having friends and family come to the "Hill Hobbit House," as we call it, to feed them until they are ready to bust. I always say we eat simply but well.
My famous mac & cheese hot and bubbling from the oven
As a child I adored the oooh's and ahhh's that came my way when using my developing skills and that is something that "stuck" and continues to thrill me. The reaction from people and what hear from those entering my booth at fairs and festivals or those looking through the display case at an art gallery opening, send a little thrill through me. I get so much enjoyment from the photos and letters that people send to me, especially when they are wearing my jewelry and a huge smile on their face! That smile tells me they are happy because of something that came from not only my hands but my mind and even my spirit. What a blessing! Being able to bestow that feeling is one of the most amazing gifts and I am grateful every day that I get to do not only what I love but that it gives this feeling of joy to others.


  1. You do, indeed, offer joy to others … because, you know, you *are* that joy.

    Keep creatin', keep evolvin', keep lovin'!

  2. You make me smile - your Spirit makes me smile! Keep doing what you love and that spirit will shine through.


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