Thursday, January 21, 2016

Crystal Formations: What is a Record Keeper Crystal?

What is a Record Keeper Crystal?

Record keepers have one or more pyramid shaped intentions or elevations that appears to be etched on one or more of the sloping faces but not on all of them. This is because the triangular shapes are formed when a solution that is mineral rich flows over the protrusions and surfaces of the crystal as it continues to form. The direction of the triangles shows the direction of the solutions flow.

The pyramids on a record keeper can either be flat, indented or raised depending on the crystal. They are usually found on members of the quartz family but are sometimes found on rubies or sapphires which are corundums. These rare pyramid formations are said to possess information from bygone cultures of the wise men and women of the lost city of Atlantis, no matter what crystaline form they might take. 

Record keepers differ from window crystals because while window crystals help you look inside yourself to learn, record keepers are for teaching a specific lesson that you need to learn and may not have information about at the time. They are also meant solely for the person who first senses the elevation or indent. A record keeper will often pass from your hands very quickly once that lesson is learned. and not always by your own intention. 

These rare gems are often used to activate dormant memories of ourselves and our ancestors and to access our intuition and intuitive abilities. They are also useful for work with past life issues, Akashic records and communication with spirit guides. Because they are said to be extremely open to being programmed it is possible to store your own information.


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