Thursday, January 28, 2016

10 Ways to Invite Good Energy

Invite good energy into your life,  home, sacred space or work place.


Wind chimes, fountains, rattles, bells, singing bowls of crystal or metals, a triangle or other musical instruments like drums and even two sticks tapped together can all be used to disrupt the flow of negative energy and clear it. Even chanting can do wonderful things for the energy of your environment.

A note about wind chimes: When placed in the garden or outside the home wind chimes are helpful in dissipating and warding off negativity, preventing it from entering your space. Be sure you select something you enjoy hearing so you won't tire of it and thus, stop using it. 


Essential oils dispersed into the air work not only on energy but on the body, mind and spirit of the people they come into contact with. You can disperse them in several ways including a diffuser, in spray form or even with heat by candle or electric diffusers. Easy and low cost ways to disperse oils is to add them to a candle, dab a small dot on top of a low wattage light bulb when it is completely cool, or put into water on top of a stove and allow it to boil off. Use caution with oils so you do not ruin finishes on furnishings or run out of water if using the stove top method.


A wonderful way to shift your own energy and the energy of any space is to meditate. Meditation need not be a long drawn out affair-even taking 5 or 10 minutes out of your day to focus on your breath will make a huge difference. 
If you feel like this is somehow, "not enough" you can also focus on blowing away the stale, stagnant or negativity you are feeling and pulling positive vibrations toward you and the space you inhabit. Alternatively you can picture the four corners of the room you are in and let your mind drift to one corner. Once you are focused there inhale deeply and when you exhale let your attention move along the wall to the next corner. Perhaps you can picture blowing away the "cobwebs" of negativity while doing this. Once you reach the next corner inhale again. Keep doing this around the room until you feel both it and you are refreshed.


Mandalas can be used in several ways, the easiest being to merely print one of the many available on the internet today and just hang it in your space. The coloring craze has made it easy to find mandalas online or in books at most stores and craft centers. Coloring one in can be a powerful means of grounding and centering yourself which will spill over into your space. Once hung you can use the finished piece and its energy to infuse your space for quite some time. 


Plants not only introduce great energy but they also clean the air of chemicals like toluene, formaldehyde, benzene, VOCs, trichloroethylene, and xylene. Using two plants in 10-12 inch pots for each 100 square feet is considered optimal for cleaning the air in your area.Anyone can find the perfect plant no matter what conditions they have in their home. 

Plants that need only low to medium light include Chinese Evergreen, Corn Cane, Peace Lily, Snake Plant, Ivy, and Dragon Tree. Medium light plants include Kimberly Queen Fern, Golden Pothos, Areca Palm, Pepperomia, Spider Plant, Ficus, Boston Fern, Lady Palm, Wax Begonia, and WArnekii. Plants requiring medium to high light like Pygmy Date Palm, Gerber Daisy, Dracaena, Aloe Vera and Bamboo Palm are great additions to any home.


Crystals and gemstones are one of the primary ways that I like to introduce positive energy into places or to people. Most of us wear certain items of jewelry and this is one great way to keep the energy of these tiny wonders with us all the time. 

Other ways to introduce crystal energy into your environment include putting them into aquariums (be sure they are NOT water soluable), in plant pots, on personal altars or even hung in widows. Once you begin using crystals they can and often do find their way into multiple areas of your home, work environment and even garden.


While salt is technically a crystal mineral I have listed it on it's own because it is so under used. You can use a variety of salts in many different ways from leaving out a dish of the salt in your area, sprinkling over window sills and doorways, around the perimeter of a room or your property of as a candle holder or lamp. 
Himalayan salt lamps and candle holders are quite popular for this purpose and many individuals find them healing for a variety of illnesses from Seasonal Effective Disorder to Asthma. Other varieites of salt can be used to infuse baths, foods and even scrubs for the body.

Gratitude Practices

Practicing gratitude has become commonplace for many. Taking the time out of your day to "count your blessings" has proven effects on the brain and body over time. 
You may wish to journal by writing down a daily gratitude list or, perhaps, like me, you will want to set aside a specific time that you commit to recording your thoughts of 10 things per day you are grateful for in your life. I did this on my iPad for 100 days and when I got the magical 1000 things I realized I was doing it in my head throughout the day and not just during that time commitment. It made a positive impact on my life and my work and home environments and I find that I still do this each day, throughout the day more than 5 years later.


Smudging can be done in are you would like to clear. This can become a weekly, monthly or seasonal practice or  you can use it only when you feel the "need." Smudging is, simply put, burning of herbs to release their volatile oils and energy into the area or on objects that the smoke drifts over. 

Some of the most common herbs and resins used in this practice are sage, sweet grass, lavender, cedar, palo santo, copal, frankincense, dragon's blood and myrrh. Less frequently used, but very effective, are mullein, cypress, juniper, bay, mugwort, fennel, orris root, pine, fir, spruce, hemlock, osha root, red willow bark, yerba santa and uva ursi. These herbs and resins may be burned in several forms. On top of charcoal, in incense blends and  in smudge bundles are just a few examples of how smudging herbs may be used.

Removing Clutter

Ah, clutter! Last but certainly not the least on the list is removing what clutter you can from your life and space. This includes removing everything that frustrates, makes you uncomfortable or aggravates you like unused items, clothing or doo-dads from your space to people who really bring little more than frustration or any other toxicity into your life. 
While the removal process can often be painful, once done you will find that you not only invite more positive energy into your life but you will also be more peaceful and will make room for better and more gratifying projects, amazing people and a life that you love. If you can only institute one of these recommendations then THIS is certainly the one you will want to be sure to follow through with and to make sure you complete.

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