Monday, September 30, 2013

October Birthstones

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Birthstones-Month of October

October's child is born for woe,
 And life's vicissitudes must know,
 But lay an opal
  on her breast,
 And hope will lull those woes to rest.

~ Tiffany & Co. published this poem and others for each month for the first time in a pamphlet in 1870. The author or authors are unknown.

From left to right: Opal, Aquamarine and rainbow moonstone

Sun Signs of Libra (Chrysolite, Peridot) and Scorpio (Topaz, Aquamarine,**Tourmaline)

15th- 20th century-opal, aquamarine     
U.S. (18th-19th century)-opal, tourmaline (yellow/golden)
U.S. (*modern)-opal, tourmaline, rainbow moonstone
Britain (modern)-opal          

The many colors of **tourmaline

**Tourmaline comes in many colors and there are differing opinions about which specific tourmaline is or should be used for both Scorpio and the modern birthstone for the month of October. Some sources list red, others black, green or yellow.

*The American, National Association of Jewelers met in Kansas and officially adopted a list which was and is used as the “modern” version of birthstones with very limited changes.

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  1. Tourmaline, eh?

    Perhaps I need something from you with *all* the colors ~ red, black green and yellow? Too much? How 'bout you create something ~ whatever inspires you with tourmaline, name your price and I'll take it?

    I know whatever you create will be beautiful *and* made with LoVe. :)

  2. I adore all different color together. To me they all "go" with one another-mother nature des not differentiate so why would I? ;)
    I would love to work on something just for you. I will talk with you a little about it when I see you next and then go from there.
    And thank you for the lovely compliments AND for your confidence in me! I appreciate both.

  3. I wish I knew this back in the day - they insisted if it wasn't opal it was a pink tourmaline. I'll have to explore the other colors now as well - joy! :)

  4. Glad you found it useful. I always heard as you did. This whole series has been very enlightening thus far for me!


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