Monday, November 17, 2014

Do you wear your jewelry in the shower? Then you MUST read this!

Wearing jewelry in the shower is a no, no!

I know I am completely guilty when it comes to this one! Are you as well??
Soap can build up between chain links, prongs and stones and is not just soap that will build up, either. Conditioner and other hair treatments, lotions. scrubs, bubble bath, milk bath will cause a nasty mess in between the prongs and links plus under the settings and stones in any other jewelry you wear into the shower or bath. 

What to do? Ideally, you should remove all your jewelry when bathing or applying any sort of body products. This includes perfumes, lotions and the list above, as well as, deodorant, makeup and any other product you can probably think of-it is always better to be on the safe side since softer stones can even absorb these kinds of body products and become very dull and lack luster over time.

What if you have this problem already? A good cleaning is in order. Using a soft brush and some very mild detergent will often be enough to resolve the problem but for stubborn build up you may have to rely on a professional cleaning.

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