Friday, February 20, 2015

Jewelry Hints, Tips and Tricks: Enhance the shape of you face with the correct earring style.

The shape of your face can be enhanced with the correct style of earrings.

If your face is an oval shape-lucky you! Almost any earring shape is an option to those with an oval face. Especially flattering are styles that are teardrop shaped, square, heart, round hoops, button or stud earrings. Avoid ovals, long rectangles or ear threads, as they tend to make your features appear overly long.


Those with a diamond shaped face should avoid anything too sharp, long or out of proportion in the earring styles they choose. "Too long" styles will make your chin and nose appear longer. Earrings with elegant curves, hoops and dangles will all enhance your features. Add width to a pointed jaw line with dangling teardrops, pear shapes or triangle drops with the point facing up. 


 The rectangular face will be flattered by large posts or button styles, wider chandeliers, large curving styles and others that are wide and fill up a lot of space. Because the rectangular face is long it needs width added to it so anything that will create a wider silhouette will prove to be the most beneficial.


 Those with a round face should try to avoid hoops, studs or other circular earrings and instead try elongated shapes. Narrow chandelier styles or "shoulder dusters," dangles and narrow angular styles  are wonderful choices for those with a round face.


Heart shaped faces will benefit from elongated and curved styles. Dangling, teardrops,triangular, fans and wider hoops that land the widest part of the earring next to the jawline will  all add contrast and provide enhancement to heart shaped faces. This face shape needs jewelry that fills out the face right at the same level as the chin so avoid small posts, button and long narrow earring styles including ear threads.


The triangular or pear shaped face looks lovely with hear shaped dangling earrings or those that put the narrow part of the earring right next to the jaw line. Width is needed higher along the cheek bone for the pear shaped face and this can be accomplished with cartilage piercings, ear cuffs and other decoration at that level either on the ear or in the hair.

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