Saturday, February 21, 2015

Planning and Plotting and Prepping

I can hardly believe it is already the end of February! It seems I was just saying Happy New Year to folks and here I am passed Valentine's Day and sailing toward Spring! Which I cannot wait to have arrive, I must admit. The winter has been less than stellar for me with the terrible cold of late here in the Northwest corner of CT. I have to say I was extremely surprised to see a robin today, eating crab apples in the tree that sits in front of my studio. Robins have always given me hope for the warming rays of sunshine that seem to follow their arrival.

I have been doing a lot of thinking and planning as of late. Trying to get my ducks in a row as they say with shows and events for the year. Last year I planned on 2-3 per month and instead ended up doing 2-3 a week. It was not my favorite thing to do by the time the season ended and I can honestly say that I am looking for another way of doing things this year. One event per week would be plenty but I am hoping to do less than that. I know some folks will be disappointed by this, however, I really would like to have a little bit of a personal life somewhere in between packing and shlepping.

So far I have a few things lined up. Several of the shows I wanted to do are now falling on the same weekend. The dilemma of choose one over the other will probably haunt me but the decision has to be made so I will go with my gut I guess and see how things turn out.
 I also came up with a newsletter, a social media plan and even tried a little rearranging on the website. There is always room for improvement but I hope you will like the changes as much as I do. I am still working on some new things including  new home products, The Torrington Arts Walk, and new jewelry designs. And I wonder why there are not enough hours in the day?

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So what have you been plotting and planning and prepping for over this winter? Tell me about your exciting plans for Spring!

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