Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Getting Down and Dirty

I would be getting down and dirty just like Esther The Wonder Pig if the weather in northwest CT would warm up some more. It has been so cold here-especially at night! We are having temps that are more in line with January than late March. So much for that whole "in like a lion and out like a lamb" thing that March's claim to fame.  I will have to keep dreaming  of digging in the dirt while the snow keeps going away slowly but surely.

If you're not dirty, you're not playing hard enough!
Click here to see Esther's site and give her a little love while you are there. :)

The good news is my tomato plants that are here in the studio window are coming up and
several showing their first real leaves. I will have to thin a few since they sprouted both seeds I put into each little plug but that is what it is to garden-weeding out the weak so the strong can thrive. Next on the list are the pepper plants. I will get them started this week. It is really nice having a sunny window here and watching them pop up and grow.

Tomato plants are sprouting as Hazel checks on them nearby
Hazel is sick of winter & ready to be out in the garden too!

Another harbringer of Spring is my traveling starts for "show season." It runs through December as per the usual. I am looking to do a "few" less shows this year. 2 to 3 a week is just not happening this year. I have to admit that between my age (50! My gosh DIRT is not THAT old!) and the fibromyalgia I am slowing things down. I have been over the entire winter, really.

2015 is the first year I have not shoveled the driveway or deck or anything else for that matter. I have a 24yr old son at home-he is healthy and there is no reason for me to kill myself and pay for it for days when he can do it. Ah, the passing of the torch! Almost makes one teary-eyed! Well....not really! I do not miss that chore one little tiny bit.

This tea ball has mutliple colors on the chain to keep it from falling into the pot!
Check out this new tea ball and others in my Etsy Shop!

The one good thing that has come of all this cold weather is that it has kept me in making. I get a little stir crazy and the funniest things develop. I gotta make things sparkle so to that end here is the latest of my sparkles for the home. It combines my love of tea with those shiny objects and is also very practical, believe it or not. The tea ball will NOT fall into the vessel you are brewing in as the weight of the crystal, glass and other baubles just will not allow for that to happen.

Can you think of something else I should be adding a little bling to? Let me know! That creation may well be my next!

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