Friday, March 27, 2015

Crystal Formations: What Is A Bridge Crystal?

Bridge,  Penetrator and Cross Crystals

 A large crystal with a smaller crystal penetrating into or growing completely through the larger crystal is called a bridge crystal. The bridge is actually the smaller one that penetrates and not the larger stone. If the bridge goes from one side of the crystal and through it to the other side it is called a penetrator crystal. Should the crystal go from one side of the crystal all the way through and protrude from the other side it is a cross crystal.

This type of crystal is said to serve as a bridge to inner worlds, thus it is wonderful for meditation where you are trying to bring out what is within. Bridge crystals are used in spiritual healing to allow the healer to allow universal life force energy to  move from the spirit world to the physical one in order to increase or speed the healing process. They are often used with other healing stones as facilitators and conduits to bring the energy of the healing stones from the outside into the individual where blockages can occur.

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