Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Crystal Formations: What is a Channeling Crystal?

What is a Channeling Crystal?

A channeling crystal has a large 7-sided face in the center front of the crystal where the largest slope is and a triangular face located on the opposite side. The "7" of the larger face of this kind of crystal makes it excellent for wisdom and the "3" always represents movement which makes it helpful for verbalization and communication of inner truths one is seeking.
Therefore, this type of crystal is helpful when trying to unlock your own inner wisdom to connect to higher realms in the metaphysical and spiritual worlds and to move that wisdom forward or through. These are readily found types of crystals and are perfect for helping those that wish to develope their psychic abilities and for healers who wish to seek out answers to those they are working with and for when what is ailing this person is elusive.

It should be noted that this type of crystal is helpful only to the individual who is holding it while working with it. You may ask your own guides for information about someone else and then "channel" that information to the individual.

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