Thursday, December 24, 2015

Crystal formations. What is a Phantom Crystal?

What is a Phantom Crystal?

The Phantom crystal has an impurity (inclusion), often another mineral, that has dropped on it during a pause in the crystal's growth. The crystal continues to grow around the impurity, engulfing it after the pause. This can happen multiple times over the lifetime of the crystal causing multiple phantoms within the same crystal. 

It should also be noted that the pause in the crystal's growth can last for thousands of years. This cycle of growth, death and rebirth mimics many life cycles in both humans and animals. This makes these stones useful for showing us the evolutionary process we are going through during the cycles of our lives and for reminding us that what is often within mirrors the outward, however, there is often much beneath the surface that has transpired.

These crystals are very helpful for a multitude of purposes and vary in their abilities according to both the type of crystal and the type of inclusion that forms the phantoms within it.

 Phantoms are very useful in expediting spiritual growth, as well as, healing both physically and mentally. Emotional or mental pain or anguish including uncovering forgotten trauma or memories can often be helped by the use of phantoms. And last, but certainly not least, clear quartz phantoms are excellent for aligning the crown and lower chakras with higher realms.

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