Thursday, November 26, 2015

Crystal Formations: What is an Obelisk?

What is an Obelisk?

The obelisk is a tapering four-sided shaft of stone, having a pyramid apex or top. It is often used for directing energy, especially in crystal grids, because of the pyramidal top. They are also excellent in one's environment where they will help to radiate energy outward in the space they occupy. They also excellent keepers of knowledge and this knowledge will vary depending on where the obelisk was mined. 

There are those that believe that obelisks were designed to release built up energy that is found  beneath the crust of the earth, thus preventing destruction. For this reason, they have been placed in places throughout the world to dissipate these energies into the atmosphere where they are felt to be harmless once circulated around the earth. 

When using an obelisk in healing work you can place the base of the obelisk on or near the affected area in the same way as you would with pyramids. This is in order to extract and replace negative energy or those that are not conducive to the healing process of the individual. Since obelisks are so good at store knowledge it is important to cleanse them after healing work so they do not store the negativity they have replaced.

Obelisks stimulate the marking of time and have been used to promote connection with the ancient cultures of Egypt where they were often placed at the entry points of pyramids. They are indigenous to South America and Mexico, as well.

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