Monday, November 16, 2015

In the News at DHD

Wow! Seems like FOREVER since I sent out a blog post! I can hardly believe it is already November 16th! What happened to those two weeks? Well, quite a bit, actually!

Faerie Con was a wonderful event. I met so many new folks and bumped into several old friends and acquaintances, as well. I used to travel up and down the east coast for shows quite a bit "back in the day" but have focused on more local events over the past several years, so it was great to reconnect with those that I used to see quite often. I hope to see them again when I return next year.

My little pal Hazel also met someone and is off having a merry time. Yes, you read that right: Hazel has flown the coop! In all honesty I have felt the need for change during this past year and I think that Hazel and I have outgrown one another. I wish her the best and will continue on while introducing a new logo sans the little fairy. 

After returning from Faerie Con I took a little time to focus on catching up on social media and the like. I worked from home and tried to rest up a bit. Doing shows and traveling by myself takes a lot out of me and I am learning to take time for recovery when I need to do so. Self care is truly such an important component of life and so many of us need to focus on it.

This past weekend I did another show here in my small town. It was a nice little event but I think next year I will take the weekend off after I return from Faerie Con just for myself. I am fortunate I had my son available to help me but that is not always the case so I need to plan accordingly.

This Saturday I am offering a crystal healing class at Act Natural Health and Wellness in Torrington, CT. This hour-ish class will give you all the practical tips and tricks for using crystals in your healing and balancing yourself via your chakras.

More shows are coming up in the next weeks-first a pop up market at The Hub for Small Business Saturday and then the Whiting Mills Open Studios the following weekend. After that I am invited back to the Mill but I will see how things go before I make a real commitment to it since I have to admit: I am tired! It has been a wonderful show season but I am ready for a break and would love to have a small open house at the studio if I can before the end of the year. Time will tell and I promise to keep you posted via the blog. 

Instagram is my newest focus on social media. I have to say I was not thrilled with the platform at first but have settled into it now that I have found my groove. I am going to be posting projects that I am working on, behind the scenes photos and some great inspirations  that you will not see elsewhere. Since I am one of those people who loves pretty stuff Instagram and Pinterest are really my preferred spots to "hang out" on social media these days. 

In other news, I recently started a gift guide style blog for a group of women makers that I am a part of and that are known as the Conscious Creative Collaborative or CCC for short. Please check it out when you get a moment and find some great gift ideas for your holiday gift giving needs and learn about each of the participants through their profiles. My newest offerings are there and the listings link to my Etsy shop. They includes a Reiki healing bracelet and a lovely wooden box that is hand-painted with a floral motif. I am loving them and will be posting more in the next couple weeks so stay tuned!

Shown here are the black obsidian and rose box set.
Well, I guess that is about it for now. It has been a very full 2 weeks and I can see that there will be a lot more before the end of the year including cleaning out old stock and getting ready for the new year which, I hate to say, is just around the corner. I can't believe it is November 16th! Hmmm...Did I say that already?  

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