Friday, January 1, 2016

Get Insight Into The New Year With These 15 Questions

The New Year Is Upon Us

The New Year is upon us and I must confess that I am no believer in "resolutions". It has been a very long time since I have made and, subsequently, broken one. I am a believer in doing what I need to do when it needs doing and try my best not to put things off. I know so many people who don't bother with resolutions because they either feel the same way I do or they do not want to deal with the disappointment of what "might have been."

That being said, there is always something that gets put aside for "a better time" or that I don't even realize is something that needs to be changed because I jsut don't realize it without some deeper thought. For these reasons I make sure I take time at least once a year to take stock of my life and to think about what really is working well, and what no longer serves me.

The list below may be helpful if you are interested in doing the same thing. And just so you know: I don't do this all at once!I break it up to avoid feeling overwhelmed. When I do that it gets done because I don't feel like I need to sit for a whole afternoon when so many other things are calling out to me.

The How To

Your favorite beverage, a tablet or paper and pencil plus a cozy spot
Grab your favorite beverage. I am a sucker for a wonderful tea, myself so I treat myself to some that are a bit on the expensive side once in a while and I kind of hoard them! This is the perfect occasion to bring one or more of them out and it makes me really look forward to a brain storming session. If you have something special you are keeping for the "right time," by all means break it out! Coffee, tea, hot chocolate or whatever else you adore is the way to go!

Decide what you would like to use to create and keep the information that will result from this exercise. Maybe you are a fan of a regular notebook and a pencil with a good eraser? Perhaps blank paper with some colored pencils or pretty markers is more your style? If you journal you may wish to use that? Or maybe you are like me and like to do things on your tablet, phone or other computing device?  Of course you can always use a combination of items too. Whatever you decide just make sure you will like using what you choose so it will encourage you to make time for this practice.

Use what YOU enjoy! Anything goes!
Try to block out 10-15 minutes at a time on your schedule. If that does not work for you and you would rather do it all in one shot then so be it! I am all for doing what ever it is that makes you happy as long as it does not harm anyone or anything else. I like to do short bursts, myself, and often find I can fit in little bits of this exercise while waiting for lunch, while in the waiting room of an appointment, or even while I wait for a delivery. See a theme here? All those "waiting" times are a great time to fit in little bursts of work for me. Again, do what works for you so you will stick with it.

Make yourself comfy-especially if you have decided to do a marathon session or anything over that 15 minute block of time. Warm cozy socks, a blanket, loose clothing, some fragrant candles and your favorite music all help create a space that is both relaxing and refreshing while helping to connect with your higher self.

And last: take a deep breath in and exhale. Heck, while you are at it do it a couple more times! Then dive on in!

The Questions

  1. What are you most grateful for in 2015?
  2. Choose 5 words to describe the year "in a nut shell."
  3. How was your health in 2015?
  4. Is there any health matter you need to deal with and if so choose a date in the next 14 days that you will sit down and plan out what you will do including calling doctors or specialists if necessary, a detailed list of what you need to do, etc. Mark your calendar, add a reminder to your phone or computer calendar and perhaps even leave yourself a note if you need to in order to be sure you do not forget.
  5. What was the greatest moment of 2015 in your career/business?
  6. What was the greatest moment of 2015 in your private (Home, Family) and public (Friends, acquaintances, social situations) personal lives?
  7. Name up to 3 things that did not work well in your private and public personal lives.
  8. What will you do differently or improve upon in the New Year in your personal lives?
  9. Name up to 3 things that did not work well in your business/career.
  10. What will  you do differently or improve upon in the New Year for your business/career?
  11. What lesson or lessons did you learn in 2015?
  12. Is there anything you wish to let go of either emotionally or physically in the coming year? 
  13. If so when/how do you plan on doing that? (the sooner the better!)
  14. Of the items above choose 3 that you will be changing or working toward in the next 30 days. 
  15. Plan the steps you need to take to accomplish the changes of the most difficult or complicated change you listed listed in #14. 

By using these questions as a spring board you can really have a solid plan in place to make positive changes where you wish and need to do so. This concrete plan and the fact that you will be able to see all that you accomplished previously is really wonderful for both your mind and spirit. 

Wishing you and those you hold dear a blessed, happy and healthy New Year!

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