Friday, June 5, 2015

Jewelry Hints, Tips and Tricks: How Should I Clean My Gemstones?

Know what is safe for your jewelry!

Some gemstones are very hard and others are quite soft. This means that while exposing one to heat may be perfectly fine, others can become not only damaged but destroyed by the same treatment.

Two of the most common methods of cleaning gemstones commercially are steam and ultrasonic cleansing. In today's modern culture we can often find this type of equipment available for home use, as well.

 The chart below gives information as to whether or not you can use these methods or even soap and water for some of the most common gemstones. Please note that some jewelers or those selling these kinds of cleaners will often offer the "free service" of cleaning your jewelry and do not follow these guidelines! Be sure if you decide to take advantage of these types of services be sure to never give them one of your precious items that might become damaged without first informing them that you do not want them cleaned in this manner.

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