Wednesday, December 16, 2015

5 Fashion Tips for your Boots

We all love our boots and these tips make them easier to live in!

  • To remove watermarks from leather boots just add a few drops of vinegar to a bowl of cool water. Dip a soft brush in the mixture and scrub the stains until they disappear. Let the boots dry overnight and they will be good as new.
  • If you are having trouble keeping your pants down in your boots or even just getting them on try using mitten clips! Just fasten to one side of your pant leg near your ankle, loop under your foot and fasten to the opposite side. Your boots have never been easier to keep in place!
  • Keep your boots from flopping over (which causes many to crack over time) by inserting pool noodles into them. They are easy to cut and one noodle will do at least 2 pairs of boots for very little $$$.
  • When boots get wet all the way through stuff them with a microfiber towel to speed drying.
  • Accidentally dry your wool sweater in the dryer? Salvage it by cutting out insoles for your boots to keep your feet toasty warm.

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