Wednesday, December 9, 2015

5 Fashion Tips to Make Your Life Easier

Some ideas and tips that make sense but cost very little!

  • Have a problem with perspiration stains? Try using ultra-thin panty liners to absorb excess perspiration. Not only will they keep stains at bay but they will also keep you feeling drier too!
  • If you forgot the liners in that favorite blouse use a spritz of lemon juice on the perspiration spots. This will prevent the perspiration from setting in and stop it from staining.
  • Don't you hate it when your underwire pops through your bra? Moleskin to the rescue! Not only will it pad the area but it sticks really well all on its own so it repairs the spot at the same time. 
  • Got smelly gym shoes or winter boots? Use dry tea bags stuffed into the bottoms! They not only absorb odors but will also help dry them out. Dispose of them every couple of wearings in your compost pile to enrich the earth once you are finished with them.
  • When you purchase a new shirt with buttons grab your bottle of clear nail polish as soon as you bring it home and seal those threads holding on the button. That way they will wear for far longer before they are able to become unraveled.

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