Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Introducing the Happy Dancing Dragonfly!

The Happy Dancing Dragonfly-a symbol of life's twists and turns!
Life has so many twists and turns and while some come upon us unexpectedly there are others that come after much contemplation, soul searching and, finally, planning. This is the kind that I am talking about today: contemplation that became a soul search and finally a plan that has born a whole new happy pathway for both myself ,and Dawn Hill Designs.

Stay true to who you are and you will end up incredibly happy!
Still learning this!
Last spring I began to think about changing direction in my business and my life, however, I so love what I do that I knew that no matter what direction I chose I knew it had to encompass all the pretty and shiny plus something more substantial that was "completely ME".  I have known my whole life that I was different and that I did not fit the mold that so many thought that I "should" but I had always tried to be my very own authentic self and that was something I would not compromise.

I am, and always have been, a fixer, in the very greatest depths of my being. I want to make things right, I want to put a bandage on the whole wide world, and I want to do that while offering things that sparkle and remind us of all that is beautiful in a world that can be, at times, very challenging and less-than-beautiful.  I want to make and offer shiny stuff that makes people happy! It is so simple in so many ways that I have often been questioned if it is "enough." Those questions have even had me second guessing myself on more than one occasion, but I became convinced it was not only "enough" but a life calling this past November.

My dear friend, Michelle brings homeopathy to those in Africa that might have no other medical care otherwise. She came back to the USA for a visit last fall and went back to Africa with one of my shining window hangers that have a beautiful cut crystal ball on the ends. These gorgeous crystals throw rainbows all over in sparkling wonder, whenever the sun shines through them. 

Once she was back in her "home away from home" she hung the bauble in her window and watched as one of the natives of the land marveled at it. He touched it and watched as those rainbows danced all over the room. He was mesmerized by this little trinket, one that he had never seen before, and when he realized that his touch caused those rainbows to dance about he threw back his head in glee and just laughed and laughed. It was the kind of laugh that is one of joy just bursting forth from a place of wonder and marvel! For that moment-in-time, he knew true happiness, and it was all brought about by beads and crystal and wire that I had wrought into a waterfall of color!

Michelle relayed this to me and after said, "Ya know what? I think you are right! Maybe that IS what it is all about! Just making shiny stuff that makes people happy!" That was a moment I will never forget because it became an indelible mark upon me. I shall never again question if what I am doing is "enough" and will silence the voices both within and outside of myself who might question me, my mission or my resolve.

After that experience, I began to plan how I could bring that sparkle, that joy, that happiness to others, not just in my own neighborhood and the surrounding areas, but how I could bring that to people far and wide each and every day. If I could send a little bauble to Africa and give joy to someone once, then I could and wanted to do it again and again!

The Happy Dancing Dragonfly Subscription Service
A new subscription service is born from DHD!
And so, the Happy Dancing Dragonfly was born. It is a new subscription service that I am offering to those who are looking for a bit of sparkle, a bit of shine and a whole lot of happiness. Every month I will be sending out wonderful items that inspire you, make you pause, bring a smile to  your face and, of course, SHINE!

I promise each delivery will include something totally handmade by me, that will be blessed with Reiki energy, something to inspire, something tasty and something "just because." All of them will be selected with care and with the knowledge and wish that they will bring you joy. Each will be inspirational and sourced from soap makers, crystal healing experts, herbalists, artists, perfumers and other wonderful artisans. Journals, mandalas, incense, teas, chocolates: the list goes on and on...

Some of the wonderful items you can find in the Dancing Happy Dragonfly Subscription Box
Great items will arrive each month!

We will also be sharing a portion of sales with those who are in need. These worthy causes will include donations to help non-profits in the arts, healing services and providing meals to those who would not have them otherwise. 

I say "we" because you are a part of this as much as I am. Your subscription box will include a card or note of some kind to show you what wonderful cause you have helped and who it is that you have brought a little ray of sunshine to just by being part of this sisterhood that is The Happy Dancing Dragonfly.

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