Friday, March 22, 2013

Welcoming Spring!

Hazel walks among the seedlings in the greenhouse

This week Hazel and I welcomed Spring. Too bad Spring is still hiding out beneath the snow here! Hazel is NOT amused! Believe me when I say she is more than annoyed by Old Man Winter, who is steadfastly hanging on. I did sooth her with a trip out to the greenhouse where things are sprouting and growing currently. Even if the “Old Man” refuses to budge for the moment these little sprouts will continue to grow and strengthen until Spring has truly sprung.  

Hazel is having a great time on "her" new swing!
I have been working on some new things including pendulums. I always make them on the Equinox for perfect balance. I also cleanse them with Reiki so they are perfect for either your divination or healing work. They will be listed first in my eCrater store then Etsy and eBay.  Hazel is currently swinging on a few that I have hanging. She always finds a way to incorporate fun and fairy dust into the every day.

Speaking of fairy dust it seems to be everywhere these days! Mistress Hazel has been spreading it all over the new things in the studio that I have been creating. 
I am busy conjuring up some lovely new items for the events that will be coming up before long.  

The After Dark Chocolate, Food & Wine Pairing will my first showing of the season and I am looking forward to this wonderful benefit. It will take place on April 4th in Bristol CT at the New England Carousel Museum located at 95 Riverside Drive in Bristol, CT. For more information on the event or to purchase tickets you can contact me directly or click on the photo link below.  I hope to see you there and if you should come please be sure to tell me Hazel sent you and you will receive a free gift!

Say "HAZEL sent me!" when you see me at this event, for a free gift!


  1. Well done Dawn, you do a lovely job of honoring Hazel

  2. I just love Hazel's adventures.

  3. I LoVe that you create the pendulums on the equinoxes ~ brilliant! And so lovely, too.

    Have a GREAT time at the benefit!


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