Saturday, April 6, 2013

Free is wonderful

Hello everyone!
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Depending upon where you are located you are either readying for spring or coming into fall. Here in Connecticut the winter is finally beginning to weaken and spring is coming into her own. The crocus and hellebores are finally showing their beauty and I see the tops of many of my other flower bulbs poking through the soil. The trees and shrubs are budding and the roses look as though they really did well over the winter, as did the perennials that are beginning their recovery after a long winter's sleep.

Hazel takes a little time out to enjoy this lovely Hellebore

Hazel is thrilled, needless to say, and is fluttering around in the garden this morning while I work and ready myself for the Chocolate and Wine Tasting fundraiser. I am so looking forward to seeing the faces of customers both long time and brand new. Please remember to stop and tell me,  "Hazel sent me," for a lovely free gift!

Speaking of free, I was recently asked by the facilitator of one of the many business groups I belong to some interesting questions. I thought to share the answers here so that my customers can know what to expect when they make a purchase or inquiry. The dark is their question and what follows is how I answered.

What products or services has your business offered for free or at a discounted price to your customer base in order to create loyal customers?
There are quite a few actually.
Free layaway is available for items.
The way I package items they can actually be given as a gift pretty much as is. If someone asks for a small card I also have those available for free.
I also do repairs on items I make (and mnay others)free of charge.
Short consultations are also free.
If I do not have something and can not make it I also have a list of people that I can steer a customer toward.
For those having home parties I give them either 25% in merchandise or 10% in cash plus any item at half price. For those parties I also send all the invitations, etc. out for the client. No postage costs for them to incur for having the party. I prefer that the party cost them as close to $0 so it is worthwhile for them to do another.
I generally give a small gift or coupon to a customer who referred someone.
And I happily discuss cleaning and care of all my handmade items and if I feel the customer needs further help I will give them a cleaning cloth free of charge and a list of other products that will also be helpful to them.
Large orders or sets may get a free matching pc of jewelry free. plus the cleaning cloth and sometimes even upgraded shipping.
I make pendulums so often times I will include a free board plus they all come in a storage pouch.
The list goes on!

If so, how did this offer affect your business

People enjoy getting something free. They love that I care enough to stand behind my product- even sometimes when I shouldn't because the damage was obviously caused by their negligence-but that is ok. They spread that very important word of mouth about me in a positive light and they bring their friends back too. I feel that the way I do business is proof to my customers that it is not all about me taking their money-because it isn't! It is about them being happy every time they look at something they received from me. THAT is what is most important.
The effect on the bottom line as far as cost goes? I actually don't know. It is not something I track because it is part of the cost of doing business which I track as a "lump sum" so to speak. AND it is not something that I care what it costs. I know that sounds insane but if I cannot run my business this way then I am not interested in having one.
Would your business consider offering a product or service for a lower price or free in the future in order to gain or create loyal customers? Why or why not?

Currently I am not aware of a need to do so. If I did find a need or reason that I should then I would.
I have thought of offering some coupons for return customers and will be looking into that in the near future.
And I am ALWAYS very open to suggestions from customers. If they tell me that they want something or need it I am more than willing to listen and implement if I feel that I can.
You may be wondering now why I have not offered YOU anything free! Well I am going to do just that! If you are coming to the Chocolate and Wine Tasting there is that free gift when you tell me "Hazel sent me" BUT for those not going? Just sign up for the blog and I will send you a free coupon code for up to 50% OFF! Now that 50% is NOT guaranteed but you never know! Your coupon code will be unique only to you and you will get anywhere from 10 to 50% off so sign up now with information that I can contact you through. (offer good until 5-6-13)

Well Hazel is back in and reminding me that I really need to begin packing the car for this evening's festivities so I am off!  Until next time my dears I wish you time to revel in fairy dust! 


  1. Thanks for your Q&A it helps to hear how others run their business. You and Hazel are a great team. And I just love wearing your creations.

  2. Yes, great Q&A! And lucky Hazel … my faeries are still waiting for the last of the snow to melt. BUT they did show me some daffies popping through the earth!


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