Friday, February 19, 2016

How To Maintain Balance and Replenish

A new blog "starring"  Corey Hudson!

Corey is the driving force behind "The Hearts of Strangers"

I get overwhelmed and become run down both physically and emotionally from time to time. While scrolling along my feed on Facebook recently, I came across this
post by my friend Corey Hudson and I thought it was just so brilliant. Corey is a very talented photo journalist, recovery specialist, author,  speaker and a  beautiful soul who spreads his message freely and generously. He agreed to let me post that Facebook post here on my blog and I am so grateful for both his brilliance and thoughtfulness in sharing his "reset process" with the world.
I hope you all find it as remarkable, enlightening  and useful as I do.

On The Road with Corey Hudson

Corey says:

By the end of last week I felt my emotional, physical, and spiritual well was running dry. Here's what I'm doing to help maintain more balance and to replenish what I'm giving of myself every day.
- Incorporated yoga into my gym routine
- Started leaving my phone in my locker at the gym
- Began taking time to meditate while sitting in the sauna
- Incorporated seeing my therapist twice a month to help with support during times of overwhelming change and growth
- Consciously making more time for family and friends 
- Practicing taking time to do something that makes me happy (sing, dance, watch an inspiring video, watch a funny comedian, spend more time outside, take more photos)
- Practicing more discipline with drinking more water, taking my vitamins, and making shakes
- Taking time for rest and relaxation
- Making time for play (no matter the length of the to-do list)
- Breaking tasks down into smaller steps when they feel overwhelming
- Going with the flow, adapting to situations out of my control, and redirecting negative or draining thinking and emotions
- Setting healthy boundaries with what I give and what I receive.
It's the little things. I'm feeling better after just a few days of focusing on the solutions rather than the issues. I hope this helps to inspire you to make any necessary changes that will enhance your mental, physical, and spiritual space.

Find out more about Corey's story and his journey by clicking here!

Photos are property of Corey Hudson-used with permission. All rights reserved 

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